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Contractor Sales

Contractor Sales / Discounts
Contractors with bona fide commercial or industrial contract projects or for use in connection with bona fide commercial or industrial contract projects such as:
Hotels / Inns
Retail Stores (Decor) Malls
Medical Offices / Hospitals / Assisted Living Facilities / Retirement Communities
Mixed Use Condominium Projects ( Spread throughout the project - not one residence)
Country Clubs
Educational Facilities
Government Facilities
Houses of Worship
Miscellaneous Commercial ( e.g., Law Offices)
A Business License or registration credentials or Fed Tax ID may be required before final order is placed. We accept Company Credit Cards or Company check.  Shipping is free for the Hubbardton Forge fixtures except the 19- series large custom chandeliers which are shipped by truck. 
If you wish to get a quote or item availability then call 800-639-1715 or fax your item numbers, quantities needed, options wanted  and any other questions you may have to 802-492-3500 Attn: Contract Sales Dept.